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About this Event

Demo/hands-on class for stylists wanting to modernize their approach on coloring hair that is salon friendly and easy to incorporate into your every day clients.

Day 1: Look and Learn

  • Consultation, diagnostic and client's preparation for color process.

  • How to choose the right technique and the right product.

  • Calculation of all steps and full predictability of the result. Creation of the effect and the sequencing in different situations.

  • How to apply the effect to the haircut and individual characteristics.

  • Color correction.

  • Understanding of all your actions.

  • Understanding of all existing techniques individually and in combination.

  • Unsuccessful and unnecessary combinations of techniques.

  • How to quickly get out of the solid blonde to dimensional blonde with different effects.

  • Creating the right sectioning and very important nuances - why do you get the bands.

  • Work with blondor powders and everything about it.

  • Work with dark colored hair.

  • Root shadow and 5 different types of colormelt.

  • How to use permanent color for toning and glaze.

  • You will learn absolutely everything you need to know about color techniques and color correction.

Day 2: Hands-on

  • Do not be surprised if you feel like novices when you start your practice. Tactile memory is very effective, hence demonstrations and repetitions are very useful in answering questions about detailing and nuances.

  • Every participant will get ONE model. Not all of us have the luxury to work with personal assistant. It means we have to know how to work on our own without any help. That's why it's very important to work with model one on one.

Educator: Spartak Kirakosyan @hairsekta